EventeQ Rental is a dedicated service partner providing top tier customer care.

We take it upon ourselves to make a complete delivery of your order, which will then be delivered to your stand where we also build and assemble furniture and technical solutions ordered.  We arrange your stand nicely where we also roll out carpets or lay floors if this is among the items in your order.
We also connect image surfaces with audio equipment such as loudspeakers and microphones and prepare so that you can connect your computer with the desired video connector upon your arrival.

When your event has come to an end, we will come and collect everything from your order for return to our warehouses.  We will disassemble furniture and technical gear, we will remove carpets and floors and we will handle the removal of your wastebaskets if you have these in your order as well as other rubbish that is generated by our delivery to your booth.  Above all, everything is shipped combined to give as low carbon footprint delivery as possible.

In short, you as a customer can focus on your trade fair while we make sure that your time on site is as undemanding as possible!