Our visual solutions are more than just a way of communicating; they constitute an important part of creating memorable experiences. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we go beyond the ordinary to deliver visual solutions that keep pace with today's rapid technological advancements.

Looking beyond just the surface of an image is the core of our philosophy. Integrated visual solutions become powerful tools for shaping emotions and design. With extensive experience in complex technical needs, our visual solutions range from LED screens behind DJs to video panoramas at conferences, facade projections, mapping, and even holograms.

Our tailored visual solutions offers
  • Panoramic video solutions for stages & events:
    Create impressive stage designs with digital panoramas where color and shape can be changed with a simple click. Our media servers and LED screens or projectors provide a dynamic and engaging experience.

  • Integrated visual solutions in products for trade shows:
    Trade show booths and popup installations come to life with digital presentation surfaces, from inset TV screens to impressive LED screens; we definitely attract attention.

  • Visual solutions for digital meetings and streaming:
    Digital meetings and streaming are important to us, and we offer fully equipped studios for recording and streaming as well as mobile solutions tailored to your needs.
 Technical functions we offer
  1. Video projections:
    Bright projectors that enable projection on various surfaces and create impressive visual effects.
  2. LED walls:
    Incredibly bright screens perfect for both indoor and outdoor solutions.
  3. Touch and non-touch screens:
    A wide selection of displays that provide flexibility for various purposes.
  4. Image mixers and media servers:
    High-quality media servers and image mixers for maximum creative freedom and reliability.
  5. Preview monitors and stage clocks:
    Complementary solutions for effective control of presentations and events.
  6. Computers for presentations and video playback:
    Premium computers and software for top performance and reliability for every visual solution.

Are you ready to elevate your event attendees to new heights, where every image is woven into an unforgettable story? Together, we will create a visual journey that takes your events to new heights and creates memorable moments for every participant!