Project Management

Project Management

Project Management EventeQ AB

Project management forms the foundation for the successful execution of events, whether it pertains to meetings, conferences, exhibitions, or permanent installations, across both physical and digital forums. Our experienced project managers meticulously guide you through every phase and aspect of the project.

Comprehensive Project Management

Our project managers serve as your primary point of contact and guide you through the entire process, from initial preparations to the conclusion of the project. They work closely with your project supervisors to drive the project forward, encompassing everything from budget and planning to the development of concepts, technical input, and personnel management. Their work is characterized by transparency and meticulous documentation, which ensures that if a project assistant is unexpectedly unable to complete their duties, a substitute can quickly and efficiently take over and familiarize themselves with the details of the project.

Technical Project Management

Our technical project managers are responsible for maintaining high technical standards and coordinating everything from lighting and sound planning to streaming technology and exhibition stands. They produce technical drawings, book necessary resources, and supervise the technical implementation on-site.

Project Management for Studio Productions

As you transition from physical events to TV or streaming studios, our team of project managers and producers offers support to help you effectively adapt your format and content. They assist you with selecting suitable streaming platforms and provide coaching for your speakers and moderators, all to maximize the project's potential.

Our project managers are committed to realizing your goals and visions through focused and quality-conscious work. At EventeQ, we regard project management as an art form that blends creativity with strategic planning to produce impactful and successful event experiences.