Our audio department spans from wireless microphones to advanced mixing consoles and impressive speaker systems. Whether it's discreet design speakers at an office cocktail party or a powerful PA system at Globen, our audio technicians guarantee a world-class sound experience.

Our extensive experience in sound solutions covers various types of events, from corporate events and trade shows to concerts and digital broadcasts. With world-renowned artists and inspiring speakers in our portfolio, you can rely on our experienced audio technicians to create crystal-clear sound regardless of the stage and setting.

Audio solutions for every occasion
  • Speech Sound for Indoor and Outdoor Audience:
    From simple speakers and a microphone in the office to a speaker in front of thousands at Globen, we have the technology and experience to ensure that every word is heard clearly and distinctly.

  • Concert Sound for Entertainment and Concerts:
    With long experience in live music and audio technology for artists, we adapt to the highest demands and visions. Our technical equipment meets most rider requirements and specifications.

  • Audio Mixing for Digital Events:
    Our audio technicians excel in mixing speech, video sound, and artists for digital broadcasts and streaming. With advanced digital mixing consoles, we create a sound image that impresses both in the studio and for viewers at home.
Our range of audio technology
  • Discreet Sound Systems with Razor-Sharp Sound:
    Carefully selected sound systems that are both sonorous and discreet, perfect for lectures, office gatherings, or exclusive conferences.

  • Public Address and Speaker Systems:
    Large speaker systems, known as line array systems, for events with large audiences or outdoor arrangements, including systems from L'acoustic and dbTechnologies.

  • Wireless Microphones for Speech and Singing:
    High-quality wireless microphones from reputable suppliers like Shure and Sennheiser, for both speech, singing, and even instruments.

  • Digital and Analog Mixing Consoles:
    A wide range of mixing consoles for various situations and occasions, with or without recording functions and even ISO. In our equipment inventory, you'll find names like Presonus, Yamaha, and Allen & Heath.

  • Monitors for Speakers and Artists:
    Monitors and in-ear solutions for a personalized audio experience for artists and speakers.

  • DJ Equipment:
    A comprehensive selection of players and mixers for DJs, from classic vinyl players to the latest control surfaces from Pioneer DJ, Denon, Numark, and Xone.

Enhance the sound at your event to an outstanding level of quality and precision. Every tone, every word, and every moment is deeply rooted in our passion for our work. We strive to create a sound experience that is not only heard but also felt, where each element is carefully crafted to make every moment memorable and captivating.