Printed Material

Printed Material

We understand that every detail counts when it comes to making a memorable impression on the trade show floor!

At trade shows and events, visibility is crucial, and your trade show materials play a central role in putting your booth in focus. EventeQ offers expertise and customized solutions for print materials, from large formats like floor decals and roll-ups to smaller but essential flyers and business cards.

Material Inventory:

  • Review existing materials
  • Reuse or replace damaged materials
  • Ensure uniformity and cohesion

Determine Which Print Materials Are Needed:

  • Reflect on material needs
  • Check available materials
  • Consider any new orders
  • Large Formats for Impressive Presentations

Floors and Roll-ups:

  • Use floor decals to guide visitors
  • Roll-ups provide maximum message space
  • Environmentally friendly and reusable options

Counters and Stands:

  • Environmentally friendly walls for long-term use
  • Counters that serve as transport and presentation

Graphics and Lighting:

  • Replace graphical skin - Not the Entire System
  • Check existing graphics in time
  • Opportunity to replace individual parts
  • Optimized and cost-effective management

Effective Lighting:

  • Use reliable lighting for optimal exposure
  • Check and replace bulbs when needed

Visitor's Memory:

  • Important Giveaways
  • Flyers, brochures, and business cards
  • Notepads and pens with logos
  • Give away branded products and candies

Post-Event Planning:

  • Correct Packing
  • Do not rush during packing
  • Ensure correct storage for longer lifespan

Inventory and Quality Assurance:

  • EventeQ offers storage and quality assurance of existing material and content
  • Create a plan for the next event

Special Solutions for Your Company:

  • Studio services, originals, and layouts
  • Booth design and on-site setup

Banners, Flags, and More:

  • Create impressive banners and flags
  • Choose environmentally friendly options

Signs in Different Materials and Foliation:

  • 3D and flat signs for various purposes
  • Foliation for decoration, information, and branding

Backdrops and Bannerbows:

  • Easy and effective exposure with backdrops
  • Bannerbows for portable and exciting exposure

We are here to make your trade show experience outstanding. Email us for a free consultation and let us create print materials that not only stand out but also make an impact! Take the step towards a prominent presence on the trade show floor with us as your partner!