Ultra Music Festival Main Stage: a visual reproduction of the stage and LED, the video illustrates how each section of LED works as a screen in a perspective-correct view and how each section can act as an individual display area. 

Are you planning a memorable event and searching for the perfect stage to make it extra special? Whether it's a grand festival, an intimate wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday party, the stage is the heart where memories are created. EventeQ offers tailored stage solutions to ensure that your stage is in perfect harmony with the unique needs of your event.

With us, you'll find stage platforms from Ilmonte, Prolyte, and Bison, scenographic elements to create a unique expression, and a wide range of fabrics and coverings for various stage solutions. Small decorations and ornaments like pillows, vases, and floral arrangements add the final touch to create a memorable atmosphere.

We also offer complete stages in various sizes and formats, including mobile stages for outdoor events and larger stages, all delivered with FOH (Front of House), backstage, and stage fencing to meet your requirements.

When you rent a stage from us, you get more than just a platform; you get a complete solution. We understand that a stage is more than just a surface – it is the place where magic happens, where speakers and artists are seen and heard, and where your guests experience the highlights of the event. 

To consider when choosing a stage for your event
  • Size and format: Choose a stage that suits the event's size and audience numbers.
    • Layher stage
    • Fixed modular podium stages
    • Mobile stages and stage wagons
  • Aesthetics: The stage design should complement the event's theme and atmosphere.
  • Technical requirements: Consider audio, lighting, and video equipment that may be needed on the stage.
  • Safety: We prioritize safety and ensure that the stage meets all standards.
We several fully-equipped stages

1. Stage Trailer 8x6m

  • Perfect for city festivals, outdoor events, and sports events.
  • Quick outdoor setup, safe in all weather conditions.
  • Setup takes only about 60 minutes from arrival.
  • Delivery by van, requires only a flat surface and accessible road.
  • Built-in batteries for locations without electricity.
  • Free stage area of 48m2 plus additional space in tents behind the stage/under the wings.
  • Black roof/walls

2. Master 6x5m

  • Complete Stage System w. black roof/walls

3. Alspaw 15x10m

  • Grey roof/walls

4. Lund 10x5m

  • Black roof/walls

5. Roskilde 15x12m

  • Orange roof/walls

We are the supplier that carefully plans every nuance of your stage solution to make your event memorable. Contact us for a personalized solution and let us together realize the stage for your upcoming event.