Our Services

Below you can find a selection of the different services we provide. If you wish to deepen an area, you can read more extensive explanations of the functions and slightly more detailed information about everything about each work area.

Project Management

Our project managers work transparently and in direct contact with our customers. This work is done in a project management system, for structured planning to secure proper documentation.

  • Overall project management
  • Technical project management
  • PM for studio productions

Technical Staff

At EventeQ, we highly value our team members. Recognizing that our staff is our most valuable resource, we carefully select individuals who complement each other when staffing for various projects. The synergy of the right personnel, equipped with cutting-edge expertise and supported by appropriate technical tools, is pivotal in bringing our customers' visions to life.

Furthermore, we delegate staffing by tapping into our extensive network. We can source everything from stagehands to highly skilled specialists for external projects!



Video is often a central part of modern productions. Our video department includes different types of display tools to effectively communicate messages, cameras to capture content, and control systems to present the correct material on the right screen and channel at the right time. With qualified staff and tailor-made equipment for every occasion, we deliver video solutions for various projects.

  • LED
  • Projectors 
  • Screens
  • Projector mapping
  • Hologram
  • Low-latency switchers
  • Timeline / Timecode
  • Wireless transmission
  • NDI Video


We offer secure and tailored solutions for your event. Our camera technology includes complete camera solutions with experienced staff for live broadcasts and live streaming of events, meetings and fairs. Whether it concerns live streaming, interactive press conferences or productions with participant interactions we deliver simpler configurations with a single camera to advanced multi-camera systems.

  • Camera on crane
  • Camera on rails
  • Wireless steadicam
  • Drone camera
  • Remotely controlled cameras
  • ISO recording

Stand & Booths

Our primary focus revolves around modular stand systems and solutions, as they provide a quick, stylish, and efficient approach to constructing exhibition stands.
We use beMatrix and it is a well-established system that has a very extensive range of parts with high adaptability. 

We can provide a complete solution with design, construction and dismantling. Alternatively, you can rent or buy the specific parts you need to build and manage your stand yourself.

  • Framework for walls, ceilings, etc
  • Modular floors
  • Customized lighting
  • Digital signage (LED-skin)
  • Backlit signs
  • Print on forex & fabric
  • Cable management

IT & Network Services

EventeQ specializes in IT services for networks, offering comprehensive systems and solutions for audio, visual, and lighting needs. Our services cover both temporary and permanent solutions, and we provide assistance with various aspects, including:

  • Construction of fixed networks
  • Construction of wireless networks
  • Sectioning by VPN / VLAN
  • Mobile hotspots (4G/5G)
  • Long Distance Wifi
  • Redundancy
  • Commissioning & Operations
  • Remote Access
  • Integration with existing system 

We also have services where:

  • Interactive solutions weave together sound, light and visual technology
  • System solutions connect sensors and peripherals

Technical Planning

We work with technical planning on several levels where we help our customers to understand technical possibilities as well as limitations. Most things are possible, together we will figure out how to proceed.

  • Technical project management
  • Technical detailed planning
  • Technical drawings and documents

Graphic Content

We produce graphic content on demand.
We produce both moving and still image material and we help agencies, companies and authorities with:

  • Vignettes
  • Bumbers
  • Nameplates
  • Living canvas
  • VFX
  • Live and post-edited subtitles
  • Film & Video production
  • Timelapse of events


Our audio partners provide multiple services ranging from wireless microphones and mixers to speaker systems.
Regardless of whether it is two elegant designer speakers for an office meeting or a PA system in a larger arena such as the Globe in Stockholm, our sound engineers handle everything from speaker miking to digital audio broadcasts and stage sound for original artists.

  • Public Address
  • Studio Audio
  • Analogue Audio
  • Digital Audio 
  • Dante
  • NDI Audio
  • ISO Recording
  • Backline
  • DJ

Streaming & Broadcast

We customize opening and closing images, include an exciting countdown, use royalty-free music and add name tags and text strips to reinforce the message.
We enable the digital presence of speakers via platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom, Skype or vMix Caller
, combined with a stylish split screen layout. EventeQ guarantees a smooth broadcast where we promote engagement through tools such as Q&A, chat, polls and word clouds. All in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Printed Material

Our printed materials primarily serve to complement our stand systems. Additionally, we provide smaller items like flyers and business cards for distribution to visitors. Creating a captivating wow factor to make your stand stand out is an art form that we excel in. Collaboratively, we can discover unique solutions tailored to your specific needs when planning your events or stands. Our expo resources offer a diverse range of printed materials, accommodating various sizes and designs.

  • Photo wall
  • Flags & Banners
  • Scene Backgrounds
  • Foiling
  • Shape cut / Cut out
  • Stand Accessories: Trash can etc
  • Small print: Flyers, Business Cards
  • Giveaways with print

Fixed Installations

EventeQ goes beyond temporary projects, extending our services to include permanent installations of technology, along with commissioning and service contracts.
Our offerings range from smaller conference solutions built on pre-existing systems to intricate immersive setups that feature virtual components.

  • LED
  • Screens
  • Projectors
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Control System
  • Remote Access
  • Service Agreement
  • Long Time Rental

And within the virtual segment we also find:

  • VR – Virtual Reality
  • AR – Augmented Reality
  • MR – Mixed Reality


The visual appeal always plays a crucial role in forming the initial impression, making it a decisive factor in the overall evaluation of most productions. 

  • Decor & Scenography
  • Print & Framing
  • Carpentry, Metal, Glass, Plastic, etc
  • 3D visualization / 3D models

Digital Plattform

We have a partnership with LocalStream™ which is a platform for digital meetings.
Here we tailor design and function as you desire. We collect user data such as interactions and ensure that your brand gets the correct exposure. Powered by
Vimeo we offers the following services:

  • Webinar with Q&A, Polls and Chat 
  • Video streaming
  • Live-On-Tape
  • API 
  • Detailed user-level analysis
  • Live and post-edited subtitles


Light for us is both function and form.
We use lighting to highlight speakers, artists and products on stage, in booths and during digital broadcasts. The light works as a creative tool to enhance emotions and messages during performances and digital presentations.
With an in-depth knowledge in lighting technology and extensive experience in various productions, we provide a large and modern rental range through our partner
LITECOM GROUP with specific selected inventory to suit your particular event.

  • Luminaires for indoor & outdoor use
  • Battery-operated luminaires
  • Fixed & movable lighting
  • Control from light console
  • Control from media server


We master the art of integrating stage design, lighting design and creative video into an intertwined whole. 
Whether you need help designing and producing an entire stage set or just need support in lighting and video design, our expertise extends from designing and building stages to creating solutions for events, concerts, conferences and meetings.
Our stage solutions are flexible and can be used both indoors and outdoors, and we adapt the size to your specific project.
  • Layher stage
  • Fixed modular podium stages
  • Mobile stages and stage wagons

3D Visualization

Presenting a preview of the event, trade show stand, dinner, conference, or installation beforehand streamlines the creative process and ensures agreement on the ultimate outcome.

The 3D drawings play a crucial role during the construction phase, encompassing detailed components to comprehensive depictions of arenas. Such visualizations prove invaluable in inquiries and quotations, aiding buyers in comprehending the project clearly. They serve as an effective tool for conveying intricate information in a readily understandable manner.


EventeQ's primary warehouse is strategically located at STOckholm Warehouse in Västberga, Stockholm. We've chosen this central location due to its proximity to arenas and various venues suitable for meetings, conferences, and more. STOW serves as a hub, housing some of Sweden's largest rental companies for technology and backline equipment.  

In this facility, we store our own equipment and provide storage space for customers' props and materials between projects. This allows us to offer areas for preparation and long-term storage for items that might be challenging for clients to store independently.

We ensure secure delivery through our fleet of vehicles and our main supplier, EPIC SOLUTIONS. Epic specializes in transporting sensitive equipment for events, making them the ideal partner for secure and reliable transportation.