3D Visualization

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This image shows a 3D visualization of an LED installation. The screen is intended to be mounted on the ceiling and wall, measuring 17 x 2.5 meters – totaling 42.5m2 with a 3.91mm pixel pitch and a resolution of 640 x 4352 pixels.

We strive to ensure a seamless delivery by offering a range of visualization tools, from 2D CAD sketches to realistic 3D renderings with real-time visualization. This technology allows you to quickly see the finished result and secure creative solutions, saving invaluable time on the actual event day.

Our 3D visualization takes your vision to the next level by previewing the project and facilitating the creative process. By creating 3D drawings for various projects, including events, trade show booths, dinners, and conferences, we ensure that all parties agree on the desired end result. Visualizations become central to inquiries and quotes, streamlining the communication of complex information in an easily understandable way.

Our experienced 3D designers have access to an extensive database of interiors, technology, and venues, enabling customized drawings for each project. With 3D visualization, we can easily modify details like logos or table settings, making it an invaluable tool for presenting different solutions for recurring events in the same venues.

We utilize various types of 3D visualization, including 3D images, 3D animations, WEB 3D (sketchfab), area visualizations, and virtual reality.

Primarily, we use software such as:

To take it a step further, we can employ techniques like Unreal and HTC Vive VR headset where you can virtually experience installations and events before they are built.

With our scaled floor plans and construction drawings, we ensure not only spaces and sizes but also guarantee precision and consistency in production. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive experience for every client and project. We not only visualize our solutions but also construct precisely what we sketch and draw. Collaborating with us creates a shared vision and facilitates communication both internally and with you as the customer.