EventeQ's primary warehouse is strategically located at STOckholm Warehouse in Västberga, Stockholm. We've chosen this central location due to its proximity to arenas and various venues suitable for meetings, conferences, and more. STOW serves as a hub, housing some of Sweden's largest companies for dry-hire of equipment and backline.

At STOW, we store our own equipment. We also have a service workshop where we carry out repairs and, to some extent, even manufacture specific products in-house. 

The property spans nearly 5000m2 and offers accessibility around the clock, every day of the year. STOW has 2 dedicated warehouse managers who ensure proper handling and logistics, and the transportation company EPIC SOLUTIONS which shares the same premises, manages transport for most of the facility's clients. EPIC specializes in transporting sensitive equipment for events, making them the ideal partner for secure and reliable transportation.

The location features open areas for preparation, setup, and breakdown and it provides storage space for long-term items that may be challenging to store independently. STOW manages inventory for numerous productions each year, and with an in-house transportation company, goods can be quickly deployed if required.

Our delivery reliability is guaranteed through our own vehicles and, of course, our primary transport provider, EPIC.