Technical Planning

Technical Planning

EventeQ's project managers take on the technical planning for a variety of projects, including events, live broadcasts, exhibitions, and installations.
Our technical staff are actively involved in leading the work on-site during the project's execution.

Technical Project Management

Our seasoned technical project managers handle temporary and permanent solutions at various venues such as hotels, event spaces, arenas, congresses, and festivals. The technology we employ can essentially be installed anywhere, and our project managers ensure that the correct technology and personnel are utilized optimally for your project.

Technical Detail Planning

This includes, for example, production planning, booking and scheduling of technicians, as well as the development of drawings and specifications for the required equipment.

Technical Drawings and Documentation

A crucial part of technical project management is creating clear and detailed documentation and drawings for the installation. We utilize both 3D and 2D drawings to prepare these documents:

  • 3D drawings are used for visual representation of ideas and solutions, and to provide a preview of the final outcome.
  • Overview drawings are typically created in a 2D format, such as CAD, to give a comprehensive technical view of the installation.
  • Rigging drawings are used for detailed planning of equipment assembly, such as from the ceiling, and how they will be interconnected. These drawings are performed in both 3D and 2D formats.
  • Construction drawings, in technical 3D formats like CAD, as well as others for example SketchUp, are used to show how various components and constructions are assembled and function together.

If you require assistance with technical planning, drawings, or documentation for your project, we are ready to assist.
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