We strive to make every moment memorable by designing, delivering, and operating lighting and rigging for a variety of purposes. Whether it's an intimate production, a trade show, or a large concert at an arena, we have the expertise and technology to exceed your expectations.

In addition to our own range, we have collaborations with several leading technology suppliers, increasing the possibility to always deliver what is requested without compromise.

We design and deliver lighting for every occasion

Sophisticated Lighting for Shareholders' Meetings and Executive Meetings:

  • Our experienced lighting technicians create reliable and stylish lighting setups for events like executive meetings and shareholders' meetings.
  • We balance effects, functionality, and safety to create the perfect atmosphere.

Comprehensive Functional Lighting for Expos and Showcases:

  • For trade shows, fashion shows, and product launches, we create customized lighting solutions that frame and enhance your project.
  • We carefully select fixtures and rigging to provide you with tailored lighting unique to your event.

Well-Tempered Camera Lighting for Studios and Fields:

  • Our extensive experience in lighting for camera productions makes us adept at handling the challenges of projects with both live audiences and camera viewers.
  • We color-match our lighting across the Kelvin scale to ensure synchronization with image producers and photographers.

Colorful Light Shows for Entertainment and Artists:

  • The creative highlight of our work comes to life when we create light design and lighting for shows and galas.
  • Whether it's a pre-programmed light show or a rider for a touring artist, we deliver spectacular results.
Our range of lighting technology

Conventional Lighting:

  • Profiles, fresnels, and floodlights from reputable suppliers like ETC and Selecon/Strand, controlled by dimmers from Swedish Ockero, ETC, and Avolites.

LED Lighting:

  • Wired and wireless LED fixtures for various purposes, including cost-effective solutions from suppliers like Astera and Lightmen. 
  • We also build custom LED fixtures on order. 

Moving Lights:

  • Wash and spot fixtures from suppliers like Martin, Robe, ClayPaky, and Ayrton to create various light patterns and effects.

Lighting Consoles and Media Servers:

  • Digital lighting consoles from Avolites or GrandMA, as well as media servers from Dataton Watchout or Resolume to control our lighting rigs and create synchronized shows with light and video.

Decorative Lighting:

  • Pendant fixtures, floor lamps, and custom-built fixtures to add a unique touch to our stage designs.

Trusses and Rigging:

  • An extensive range of ground support, trusses, and motors from manufacturers like Milos, Prolyte, and Global Truss, always focusing on safety and weight calculations for all flown solutions.

Our passion for what we do is genuine, and it's truly magical to see how light transforms your event to a new level of aesthetics, creativity, and safety. Every stage, every detail, and every moment are filled with love and commitment from our side. We love creating memorable moments that provide an experience beyond expectations.