Camera systems EventeQ

Cinematic camera system, modular system where the camera with links and motors moves like a camera head between various tripods, rails, and handheld rigs. In the image, an Ursa Broadcast on a tripod with a dolly can also be seen.  

Are you looking for advanced camera technology for live streaming or event production?

We take your event production to new heights by offering advanced camera technology for live broadcasts and live streaming of events, meetings, and trade shows. Our dedicated and experienced staff specialize in camera technology for live streaming and TV productions, providing you with flexible solutions to meet your specific needs.

Flexible Solutions for All Events:

We offer flexible solutions ranging from simple camera setups to complex multi-camera systems, including advanced equipment to provide you with maximum flexibility for your event.

  • Camera on crane
  • Camera on rails
  • Camera on tripod
  • Wireless steadicam
  • Drone camera
  • Remote Camera (PTZ)

High-Resolution Image Solutions:

We understand that the camera is the core of competent image solutions, especially for digital meetings. Therefore, we offer camera chains that record and playback in both full HD/1080p and impressive 4K-resolution. Our range also includes remote-controlled PTZ-cameras, perfect for situations where a physical photographer is impractical or budget constraints are tight. All our robotic camera systems also offer tracking.

Technology for Every Requirement:

With technology supporting impressive resolutions up to 8K, we have the capability to meet the most demanding requirements. Our range includes various types of camera systems, such as "ENG" systems or "Cinematic"-systems, handheld or for mounting on a car, motorcycle, or even a helicopter. We also offer ISO recording to ensure that every angle is covered and can be edited in post-production.

IMAG (Image Magnification):

As an additional service, we offer IMAG Production (Image Magnification), a technology that magnifies the stage at larger events. We create a separate image production for the stage and integrate various elements like photos, graphics, and pre-recorded video clips. With IMAG, we eliminate poor viewing positions and ensure that every viewer gets a clear and engaging view of the event.

Innovative and Reliable Camera Technology:

Rely on us to deliver innovative and reliable camera solutions that takes your event production to the next level. Contact us to find the format that suits your upcoming event perfectly and create memorable moments for your audience.

For those seeking a provider for webcasts, camera productions, and video documentaries. Whether you are planning live streaming, interactive press conferences, or highly interactive productions, we deliver a specific camera technology solution with professional staff.