About Us

About Us

Welcome to EventeQ, your trusted partner for your creative and emotionally intelligent event experiences! 

Relationships are key to our work, regardless of whether they are directed at authorities, companies or consumers. With a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence (Emotional Quotient), we ensure that every element of our events is carefully considered to resonate with your target audience.  The person behind the scene is me, my name is Alexander and I run this new inovative company. As a fun fact, I am a third generation event worker with an active father and a now retired grandfather as a resource. Together, we have a collective experience that spans over 50 years, so you could say that I have this in my blood.

I have been active in our scene for a while and the idea around EventeQ AB has grown overtime. Lately I felt that it was time to take the step and and let the company take shape. For those who wish to see a few referenses, you should visit the Blog and read about projects that preceded the EventeQ brand. I've tried to publish small articles about certain projects along the way. I also kept in mind and tried to be clear and onpiont to explain which roles we filled and what was delivered. 

At EventeQ, every event is unique and requires a customized strategy, therefore partnering with suppliers is an important component of our philosophy. Having access to the latest technology when it is in demand is a must, it is better that those who can supply it also get to deliver what is in demand. The personnel we use are primarily freelance technicians and specialists in their respective field. We carefully select who we work with and as people is our biggest asset, it is important for us to combine the right people to get a resourceful dynamic team. Many of those we hire are often recurring faces and this is the result of previous good cooperations, we share values and we have simply understood that it is not just about running events; it's about creating emotional connections that last.

Our strength lies in using technology, knowledge and innovation to create events that really touches people. We are based in Sweden but our work extends all over the world, we connect people with brands through strategic touch and ethical decisions regardless of cultural context. We do not own all the equipment we use, instead we surround ourselves with suppliers to gain access to a larger range of items, this contributes to us being able to more easily meet a smaller budget or supplement an existing equipment park with the correct gear.

EventeQ is not just a supplier; we are your team, your partner and your guarantor for an emotionally intelligent event experience. With clear common goals and constant dialogue, we ensure that your event becomes a memorable experience for you as well as your audience. 

Contact us at EventeQ and let's explore the next level creating something extraordinary together!

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EventeQ AB is a Swedish-based company located in Stockholm. We work domestic as well as internationally. 
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Alexander Persson

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EventeQ AB | Stockholm Warehouse
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EventeQ AB
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