Our unique approach and focus on emotional intelligence make decor and stage solutions a central part of our core for meetings, exhibitions, and events. We always strive to integrate technical innovation into smart and sleek design, whether it's for a stage or an exhibition stand.

When planning your event, several questions and considerations arise, such as how to best communicate messages, create the right atmosphere, and select an appropriate format. To address these aspects, meticulous concept work is crucial.

A concept serves as a medium to structure ideas and plans for the project. It includes a clear description of how the project should be executed, designed, and the expected results. Our producers support you in designing a concept that aligns with your goals, whether it's for physical meetings, digital conferences, or trade shows. With extensive experience in events and TV, our producers ensure that the concept meets your needs throughout the process.

Our designers and graphic experts transform your concept into physical and digital designs, including printed materials, digital presentations, and stage design. This work involves creating visual materials such as invitations, profile materials, digital name tags, vignettes, and films. When needed, we use both 2D and 3D tools to present different design options convincingly.

To create sustainable solutions, we always start with our decor partners, who provide experienced personnel and a wide range of stage equipment, furniture, carpets, fabrics, props, plants, and other decorative products. As projects become more complex, we meet it with dedicated stage carpenters, decorators, and set designers who work in synergy to deliver unique and impressive environments.

We offer design and decor solutions for various types of events

Display systems, furniture, and carpets for exhibitions:

  • We provide an extensive range of trade show carpets, furniture, and display products to create impressive expo environments.

Scenic elements for stages:

  • We offer a variety of stage decks, scenic systems, and fabrics to create unique and flexible stages in various sizes. Video mapping and living video walls can be used to generate more dynamic displays.

Lounges and furniture for special functions:

  • We supply a wide range of furniture, including bars, poseur tables, and seating, designed to quickly set up lounge environments.

Themed environments:

  • We have extensive experience in building various themed environments, from lounges to color and form themes, by combining fabrics, carpets, furniture, and decorative elements. By creating custom-designed furniture and branding elements, we create cohesive and brand-strengthening environments for each activity.

We offer a wide range of products, including stage systems, fabrics, carpets, furniture, and small decorative elements, used to create impressive and memorable event experiences. At EventeQ, we always strive to be more than just a supplier – we are your partner in turning ideas into outstanding reality!