Streaming & Broadcast

Streaming & Broadcast

Live Broadcast - Advania @ Rotyal Park Hotel | Stockholm - EventeQ

Live Streaming from Royal Park Hotel Studio 1, located in Solna outside Stockholm. This broadcast was in collaboration with CREO for ADVANIA. The image shows a 15-meter wide stage with a presentation area and a sitting studio with the possibility of panel discussions or a jury.

Experience the power of live streaming!

During the pandemic, live streaming has become a central part of interactive meetings, product launches, conferences, and guided tours. In a world where digital events have become the norm, we are your expert partner in creating memorable online experiences. We have adapted to the new reality and offer tailored solutions and innovative technology for high-quality live streaming.

Live Streaming Expertise:

Our dedicated video department leads the way in creating engaging live stream experiences. We take live streaming to the next level with:

  • Design of start and end screens.
  • Exciting countdowns to build anticipation.
  • Use of royalty-free music to enhance the atmosphere.
  • Inclusion of name tags and ticker texts to reinforce the message.

Digital Presence of Speakers:

We seamlessly integrate the digital presence of speakers through external platforms, creating elegant split-screen layouts to make presentations or panel discussions more dynamic and engaging.

Interactivity and Engagement:

EventeQ guarantees a smooth broadcast with tools for increased engagement:

  • Q&A, chat, and polls for interaction.
  • Word clouds to visualize opinions and comments.

Legal and Professional Live Streaming:

We aim to make your live stream memorable while adhering to applicable laws and regulations. Professional and legal live streaming is our standard.

Streaming and Broadcast Services:

For digital meetings, our video department offers streaming and broadcast services. We use popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dacast, and others. Additionally, we collaborate with Swedish for a seamless platform with high interactivity.

Redundancy and Accessibility:

Previously, live productions required extensive resources, but with modern mobile access points and redundancy for multiple operators, guaranteed redundant connectivity is ensured.
We make live streaming accessible to all and ensure that your event reaches a global audience.

Whether you are planning live streaming, interactive press conferences, or productions with high interaction, we deliver tailored camera technology solutions with professional staff. From simple configurations with a single camera to advanced multi-camera systems, you can rely on us for a great solution that fits perfectly for your event.