Graphic Content

Graphic Content

Graphic production has always been an essential part of our customized event solutions, and when technology enables what was previously considered impossible—just that makes our work more enjoyable!

Our graphic partners have extensive expertise and extensive experience, specializing in creating high-resolution video material for a variety of events, meetings, and expo projects. We have a long-standing collaboration under our belt and together, we offer unique graphic production services for various contexts.

  • Digital stage design for meetings and events:
    Creating impressive digital stage designs and high-quality video material for use on large LED screens and projection surfaces, providing maximum impact and experience for physical meeting participants.

  • Bumpers, banners, and name tags:
    Design and production of bumpers to provide a professional framework for video inserts. Inclusion of name tags for participants to create a TV-like feeling.

  • Recording and editing of films:
    Capability for recording speakers or other segments before the event, providing flexibility and the opportunity to include virtual speakers. Professional editing and cutting of recorded camera material for both physical and digital events.

  • Production of original materials and designs for print:
    Experience in creating graphic elements for print, including large-scale banners and informational signs based on your graphic profile.

We also offer packaged services for editing recorded camera material, meaning we handle everything from production to editing of video material. We understand different file formats and settings to ensure optimum display on various types of screens.

Following the event, we naturally assist in cutting and editing recorded video material for quick delivery to your audience. At EventeQ, we always strive to make each event memorable and effective through tailored graphic solutions.