IT & Network Services

IT & Network Services

Our expertise in event production, combined with our partners' dedicated expertise in IT and audiovisual solutions, allows us to meet your unique needs, whether it's for temporary events or permanent installations.

We understand that each event has unique requirements, and therefore, we tailor our deliveries to your preferences. Whether you need an extensive backbone network with miles of fiber optic cable to support powerful public WiFi or simpler solutions for ticket scanning and audio/visual streaming, we have the technical expertise and robust equipment to meet your demands.

With a partner that has over ten years of experience enabling live broadcasts with millions of viewers, we are accustomed to working and delivering high quality under pressure. We are ready to challenge ourselves and find innovative solutions for your company, whether you are in a challenging outdoor environment or at your headquarters. Our focus is to ensure that you have a reliable communication infrastructure, no matter where you are in the world.

Network Construction:

  • Segmentation through VPN/VLAN for secure data transmission.
  • Mobile connection points (4G/5G) for flexibility.
  • Long-distance WiFi for extensive coverage.
  • Redundancy to ensure continuity.
  • Ongoing operation and remote access for support and maintenance.
  • Fixed and wireless networks for robust communication.

Audiovisual Solutions:

  • Interactive solutions that enhance user experience with sound, light, and visual technology.
  • System solutions that integrate sensors and peripherals for a superior audiovisual experience.
  • Programming of systems and custom solutions according to your specific requirements.

Technical Expertise:

  • Size and format: Adaptation based on the event size and audience numbers.
  • Aesthetics: Design of networks and stages to complement the event's theme and atmosphere.
  • Technical requirements: Integration of audio, lighting, and video equipment to meet needs.
  • Security: Prioritizing safety standards for reliable infrastructure.

Scalable Communication Solutions:

  • Public WiFi, communication radio, and solutions in press rooms.
  • Connection to production offices and IP telephony.
  • Network for POS systems, payment terminals, and ticket scanning.
  • Sponsor networks, camera surveillance, and security.

Miscellaneous Services:

  • Construction of fixed and wireless networks.
  • Segmentation through VPN/VLAN.
  • Mobile connection points (4G/5G).
  • Long-distance WiFi.
  • Redundancy and ongoing operation.
  • Remote access and integration with existing systems.

In short, we offer communication solutions for various productions, events, festivals, and sports events. Our scalable solutions range from small festivals with simpler connectivity needs to international sports events with requirements from visitors, journalists, and production offices. We ensure that our technical solutions function safely and reliably, and we are flexible enough to either build from scratch or enhance existing technology.

Whether you need extensive network infrastructure, interactive solutions, or audiovisual systems, we are ready to provide a solution that makes your event or installation unforgettable.